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lately ive been doing a lot of modding to the site tell me what u think
for anyone that gets 20 people to join the site i will make u mod
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 dissida final fantasy

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PostSubject: dissida final fantasy   dissida final fantasy EmptyThu Feb 12, 2009 12:30 pm

#Lots Of Gil 1300000 (enable b4 you enter the store)
;Credit Chris5852
0x00419F10 0x0002090A
0x01345E90 0x0002090A
0x01348FCC 0x0002090A

#Onion Knight Bp (story mode) 1300 extra
;Credit Chris5852
0x012D7950 0x000005B1
0x012D7954 0x000005B1
0x0133100C 0x000005B1

#BP for The Warrior Of Light (non Story mode) 4300 extra
;Credit Chris5852
0x0133E2E0 0x000012B2
0x0133E2E4 0x000012B2
0x013BE10C 0x000012B2

#Alot Of PP (points used to buy characters, icons and etc.) enable b4 you enter the pp store
;Credit Chris5852
0x0133F600 0x0001C3ED
0x003A3810 0x0EC1017F
0x0133F600 0x0001C3ED
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dissida final fantasy
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