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lately ive been doing a lot of modding to the site tell me what u think
for anyone that gets 20 people to join the site i will make u mod
hey i see a lot of unregistered users online but no new members if you would like full access to 2sick and all its content then please register.
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Their is a new group [Premium Member] available to everyone but you have to put up at least 50 posts or get 20 people to register to be in it. DOTN.SF will pm anyone who gets in.
goto www.demongamerz.forumotion.com and help us get the site up and running with any game cheats or secrets the first 20 people 2 add something will become a premium member



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PostSubject: BluRanium.co.cc   BluRanium.co.cc EmptyWed May 13, 2009 12:24 am


me and Kieran are now partners, so we will be mods on each others site.

my site WAS called h4nbury a while ago, some of u might know of it(it was fairly popular)but then it got shut down Sad


my site is up again! but is called BluRanium ^_^


your welcome to join! its the same as this site rly but will be posting different things. if i trust u enough i will promote u, maybe make u mod! Smile cya Smile

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PostSubject: Re: BluRanium.co.cc   BluRanium.co.cc EmptyWed May 13, 2009 9:43 am

yeah but come on man u coulda spelt my name right
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